Asheville Dogs Take Flight for Adoption

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 10:45am

Sometimes using a creative approach to pet adoptions makes all the difference in the world. In a recent life-changing trip, 36 lucky dogs and puppies from an ASPCA partner community agency, the Asheville Humane Society, received new chances to find loving forever homes. These sweet pups were transported by plane from North Carolina to Florida in an “Airlift of Love,” during the annual Pilots n Paws event.

Over the course of the event, 300 dogs were flown to parts of the country where there are plenty of willing adopters waiting to open their homes to shelter pets. This impressive event could be considered the largest canine rescue in American history!

Check out the video to follow these sweet dogs, including one special pup named Betty, on their exciting journey toward adoption.

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This is great but why are there no pit bulls??! Has everyone just given up on that great breed? That is very sad


What a wonderful gift to give these lovely dogs. I was bawling through the entire video... wish I could take them all myself! God bless the volunteers and those who made this possible.


thanks so much for all the wonderful people that made this possible. It was wonderful and heartwarming to read this. Wish I could have helped and been there!!


Would like to have seen the outcome for Betty. She touched my heart just watching this short video.

Michele Murdock

Tons of thanks to the exceptional people, pilots and fosters who made this possible for these precious babies...they deserve a chance at a life with a family who will love them and give them a real home for the rest of their lives. This video was extremely moving and I cried the whole time! God bless you all who made this possible!


Like many others, I cried through this entire video! Whatever happened to Betty??? WE NEED AN UPDATE, PLEASE!!!


I enjoyed the video. Please let us know what happened to these great dogs? Many people want to know. Who could forget Betty's loving, trusting eyes?! I won't.

Thank you for all you do! ems 10-12-12


Great video. Buen viaje y buen suerte!!


The volunteers who made this happen, especially all of those pilots giving their expertise, time and planes, are HEROES!!!!

I hope Betty and all of the other beautiful souls found a happy home - they so deserve it! Would love to hear their happy endings!

Sally Clanin

What a wonderful program. The Asheville Humane Society is so wonderful and so are all the pilots and people involved in this act of love and kindness! Thank you to all of you sweet and kind souls!