Are You Prepared for a Major Disaster? Take the Quiz!

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 2:30pm
ASPCA Disaster Response

If you were faced with a rapidly approaching hurricane or tornado, or were caught unawares by a devastating earthquake, what would happen to your pets? Do you have a plan for how you’d keep them safe?

If you’re among those who don’t have a plan, the time to create one is now. September is National Preparedness Month, and that means making sure you’re ready to keep both yourself and your pets safe in an emergency. Where to start? Read our tips for disaster preparedness. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep your precious companion animals safe in an emergency.

“It’s often too late to create a plan for your pets when you’re in the middle of a crisis,” says Tim Rickey, ASPCA Vice President of Field Investigations and Response. “The best thing to do is to be prepared in advance.”

Think you’re ready for anything? Take our preparedness quiz and find out!

If you’re in a position to do so, please consider making a donation to the ASPCA today. With your support, we’ve been able to dispatch our responders to the most harrowing sites of natural disasters without a moment’s hesitation. Help us be on the ground to help animals in need at the times when they need us most.

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Marie Meyer

I am disabled and have a service dog if my husband was not home with his service dog and I was given a chance to leave but had to leave my dog behind I would stay with my dog . If you love something you protect it be it a frog dog horse goat or any other animal you chose it you take care of it


i have 5 dogs 3 cats a bunny and a frog all r well cared for better then most kids r if u take care of them who cares how many someone has all that matters is they r cared for and in a storm do the best u can too keep them safe my oldest dog is 21 years old and i have to hold him and sing too him til it passes and when it starts u can find me singing off key like a mad woman just too keep him clam and safe


Dogs and cats can be chipped so that should take care of their getting lost should they break free from you and run. collars and leashes yes, always in the car and in the house. Tornados and earthquakes are difficult to escape from as you don't know where they will hit. But a warning is enough to send you and your animals to the safest spot in the house, regardless of how cramped it may be and pray for the best. A hurricane gives you enough warning to leave and in that case the 4-legged children go with me, driving as far as we need to to find a hotel that takes pets (many now do) and while costly, it can give you and your children a reprieve. Food is easy for a dog for a day, certainly not all regions are affected so one can always find a pet store. Medications and copies of his vacinations should be at the ready in an accessible grab to go pack along with some favorite treats and dupe of the favorite toy. But wherever I go my children go, that's all there is to it. I could never, ever leave them behind. Others may think and do differently but if you have a pet they are your responsibility in good times and in tough times. They are a living creature that depends on you. Most would give their life for you, something to remember as you close the door and leave them behind.


I chose put pet on a leash, since i never leave my dog outside and never let my cats out.


I have six dogs and one cat that stay in the house with me.When we have a severe storm in our area thunder, heavy hard rain(I have a tin roof) heavy winds. I taught my babies (that is what I call them my babies,) to lay down and be quiet. I taught each one as they were puppies, when a storm is up to do that and they listen. One time when there was a tornado warning in our area, I laid a blanket down in my hallway and had all of them lay with me on the blanket till the storm had passed.When the storm was over I told them it was ok to get up and they did.I won't leave them because they need me to protect them as they protect me.


I feel it's like a fire drill and they should always be prepared for the real thing (which I hope never happens). I think this is so sweet of you!

Dara Woodworth

Why bother taking the damn test when I can't seem to see how I did. What a waste of time. LOL


My goodness, how old are all of you? Grow up for crying out loud. Emergencies are a time to come together and work together, not argue. You have not resolved a thing. Wow, I am blown away at your childish comments. QUIT ARGUING, and make a plan in case of disaster no matter if you have 1 animal or if you have many. You need to have some sort of plan, Personally, I started to think about it, and realized in an emergency it would be a nightmare if myself, and my animals were caught in an emergency; trying to control all at once wasn't an option. I don't have a basement, I have 4 dogs 90 pounds each; every Wednesday when the test message comes over the radio to ensure your systems is working correctly; I trained my animals to meet me in the small little bathroom on the ground floor of my home as soon as they hear the beep on the message, its our safest place and our only place for chance of survival in the home. Eventually I will have them trained to exit dog door if fire alarms come on. also I have emergency info in my windows for them, a list of contacts on refrigerator and neighbor who knows where everything is and where they are to go if I am not reachable. I know I would die, if I lost my animals or even worse, they fell in to the wrong hands and were hurt. There is a lot you can do not arguing and judging so be nice, because we all have the love of animals in common.


I STRONGLY agree with what you said to Dara, the nerve of her to say that the whole thing is a waste of time. I really do think you have a great test for them! As far back as I can remember we had fire drills in schools because God forbid the real thing ever did happen.I bet she doesn't have any tags on any of her pets either knowing her. If your pet has kind of medical illness make sure that he or she wears a medic alert tag as well (medic alert has them for animals as well.


I have no intention on leaving my baby with anyone, she comes with me. I've been in an emergency situation and she was Great! She adapted very well, knowing that her mommy was with her, to secure her safety. PERIOD. OK? Let's leave the garbage, to the garbage collectors. We got home just fine TOGETHER! End of story. I have no one to leave her with, she'll never have to worry about being left behind. DONE!