And the Votes Are In—Check Out the Winners of the My Furry Valentine Photo Contest!

Monday, February 14, 2011 - 5:30pm

Back in January, we put out a call for photos and stories of your beloved rescued companions for our 2011 “My Furry Valentine” Photo Contest. Well, the winners are in! Our judges have selected their top entries, and we're proud to present them here. Thank you to everyone who entered, and four paws up to our winners. Please note that selecting the winners was a very hard process, and each entry touched our hearts. We plan to feature many of your stories and photos in the Your Stories Section of our website—so be sure to check it often!

A special congrats to our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered—and please tell your critters they all look mahvelous! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Flopsy Full of Love
By Marie Gretta Parker

I adopted Flopsy Lopsy from a local animal shelter last fall. I had never had a rabbit before, and had no idea how great it could be. Lopsy has become an ambassador for small homeless animals. I created his own Facebook page to promote the adoption of small animals that are left in shelters—including rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, etc. His page now has 400 friends, and I update it daily. Flopsy has changed my life. Through him, I have met so many selfless people who work tirelessly to rescue and protect animals.


The Short Story of My Little Cupid
By Andrea Silva

Guinness and I found each other one afternoon while I was volunteering at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. He was part of a litter of puppies who were confiscated from their owner after the neighbor complained they were being abused and neglected. To say he was starving would be an understatement. He was also ridden with infection and parasites, had a broken tail and leg and was missing part of his right ear. The facility vet did not expect a good outlook for him and contemplated simply putting him down to save him the suffering.

Guinness limped up to me and put his paw right in my open hand, and that was all it took. I felt an instant connection with him and got permission to take him to my own vet for treatment. It took nearly three years for him to heal and get up to a normal weight. He is now my constant companion, and I feel overwhelmingly blessed by him. I am so grateful to the ASPCA for giving all these pets a second chance at the happiness they deserve.

Me and My Shadow
By Bobbi Lapushansky

My Furry Valentine is Floyd—my fat, 15-year-old cat who I adopted as a kitten from a local shelter. The day we met, he was meowing as I approached the cages. I have always loved Tabbies and he was no exception. I knew as soon as I saw him we were meant to be together. I asked to hold him, and no sooner did the cage door open that he leapt into my arms! Floyd has been my kitty shadow ever since—I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Elouise was adopted!

They Call it Kitty Love
By Lori Bentz

I hadn’t intended on rescuing two cats (or at least that is what I was telling myself), but when I saw these two that quickly changed. They were young, and had been abandoned at the shelter during the night. They stayed close to each other, and snuggled together when they slept. I took them both to the “Get Acquainted” room, and these sweet boys looked me in the eyes, then climbed up together and snuggled onto my lap. Needless to say, they both came home with me, and their cuddly love and playfulness enriches my life every day.

My Buddy
By Paul Simpson

My Buddy came to me as an abused stray who had wandered up to a friend’s house in Kentucky. Buddy will be six-years-old this Valentine’s Day. And like his birthday, Buddy has the sweetest and kindest nature imaginable. He is the greatest cuddler with the gentlest heart. He brings such happiness to my home—I could not imagine my life without him. I am very glad that he is no longer afraid of people and that he realizes that he will never be hurt again. I truly can say I love my buddy, Buddy.