Adorable Pups Graduate ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, Ready for Adoption

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 10:30am
ASPCA staff holding dog from behavioral rehab center

At the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in Madison, New Jersey, we work to treat fearful, undersocialized dogs who need our support before they’re ready for adoption. We’re thrilled to announce that three former victims of animal hoarding—Waffle, Juniper and Hillary—have completed our rehabilitation program and are looking for loving homes! 

These adorable pups have come a long way on their road to recovery:

Waffle, ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center graduateWaffle: Waffle, one of 100 dogs living in a studio apartment in New York, was rescued in April 2012. She spent time with multiple rescue groups and in a foster home, but she remained extremely fearful—especially around men. She was transferred to Second Chance Pet Adoption League, which brought her to us for rehabilitation. Waffle has come a long way, and will be graduating from the ASPCA Rehabilitation Center in a few short weeks!  

Juniper, ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center graduateJuniper: Juniper was rescued from a hoarding situation in Connecticut in May 2013 and taken in by Second Chance. She was extremely shy—she bolted away from people and was very fearful of handling and leashing. Second Chance brought her to the ASPCA Rehabilitation Center, where she recovered. Juniper is thriving in a foster home, and she can’t wait to join a loving family.  

Hillary, ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center graduateHillary: Known as a “Most Improved Pup,” Hillary was rescued from a hoarding situation in New York and taken in by Second Chance. She was the shyest and most traumatized dog of the group of 19 dogs in her former home. In a foster home, Hillary remained extremely fearful of all people and wouldn’t allow anyone to handle her. She was transferred to the ASPCA Rehabilitation Center in July 2013, and after extensive care and treatment, she graduated in January 2014!

Waffle, Juniper and Hillary are back with Second Chance waiting to find loving homes. All three dogs would do best with adult adopters who already have people-friendly, dog-friendly dogs. If you’re interested in meeting one of these new graduates, contact Second Chance by email: [email protected] or by phone: 973.208.1054.

Note: You must be in the New Jersey area to adopt. Thanks for helping us find homes for these adorable dogs!