Adopting Nemo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 9:45am
Small tan dog

Wendy Kling shared her story of taking a chance on a special needs dog named Nemo at the ASPCA Adoption Center, just in time for Christmas.

It has been more than one year since we welcomed Nemo into our home on Christmas Eve. He had an interesting journey here, beginning with my husband spotting him one morning on Fox News wearing a little red jacket asking to be adopted. He called me in to take a look and, after realizing Nemo was missing a back leg, I thought, "Would we really be able to take care of a pet with special needs?" I said no to adopting him and went to work.

I thought about Nemo for the next few days and joked that all I wanted for Christmas was a three-legged-dog under my tree. That set the ball in motion. My husband found him at the ASPCA, and without my knowledge, set up an appointment to see him on Christmas Eve. My husband, Will; daughter Marisa; our Husky, Mishka, and I drove to the city from Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  After spending several hours with the wonderful staff there, we signed the paperwork and brought our new family member home to spend Christmas morning watching us unwrap presents.

Nemo is a wonderful dog who is full of personality and a bit of a lounger. He also tends to make us forget that he is missing a leg—except when we’re picking him up to carry him to bed every night and downstairs in the morning.

Just recently, I saw him featured in an ASPCA commercial. What a surprise! To us, he is a bit of a celebrity. Thank you, ASPCA, for making that night such a memorable one and for allowing us to bring Nemo home and become one of us. I tell everyone I know who is looking for a pet to adopt, adopt, adopt!