Adopted from the ASPCA, Trolley the Cat Has His Own Blog

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 2:15pm
White and black cat with green eyes

Cesar Perez is the ASPCA’s Office Services manager. Last month he adopted Trolley, an amazing office foster kitty who now has his own hilarious blog. Here’s his adoption story:

I met Trolley on one of my morning walks around the office.

I would see Trolley inside his office, at the highest point inside of his favorite box. He rarely came down from his box, so I had no idea what great personality and marvelous tail he had.

This was until I decided to open the door. He sprang out of the box and came toward me and let out a chirp as to kind of say “Hello, glad to see you finally decided to walk in and say hi.”

I sat in a chair with a brush in hand and he walked onto my lap and let me pet and comb him. I let out a laugh when he started to play fight with the brush.

It was a good friendship for a few weeks; I’d visit for a while in the morning or evenings and tell him, “Trolley, you will have a bigger home soon. You are too awesome to not go home.”

On November 17, my girlfriend Jelissa and I had moved into our new home. By November 21 Trolley was coming home. He is a perfect addition and is our baby. He truly enjoys our home and the space, darting around fast and playing hide-and-seek and catch. 

I’d love to thank the ASPCA for giving me the opportunity to meet and adopt Trolley. There are some great cats here at with amazing personalities just waiting to find a home.

Catch up with Trolley at!

It’s almost 2013! Don’t forget to donate to the ASPCA before January 1 to get a 2012 tax-break.

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Crazy Cat Lady

Wish his blog was a facebook page so we could "like" all of those adorable photos!


if its Trolley's blog, then write it from the cats position, giving him voice! :)


Awesome cat! Great job with the tumblr page, it was very nice to hear your story :)


happy that Trolley found people who love him. thank you Cesar and Jelissa!


I LLOOVVEE Trolley's page! The only thing is I wish Trolley had a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. I am so happy for Trolley's loving family and I wish him good luck. Good Job Trolley for getting a lot of views on your blog!


Awesome! Congratulations on your new home and your new baby ;-)

Kathleen Hall

Hi Trolley,
How exciting, You & I share, so much...I adopted my mama, when she & her human daughter (Stephanie_ visited me at Bonnie Hayes(a Humane Center.Humane,such a beautiful name,too.)When mama first saw me, cradled in Stephanie's hands, she said,"Hello, Kathleen. Are You ready to come home?" The lady behind the desk was shocked & asked,"How did You know her name?We didn't." Mama answered, when our eyes met,I said,"My name is KATHLEEN."I am known as Kathleen "the invisible cat".Only mama sees me.When someone knocks at the door,I comando run to the walk-in closet,my personal cave.I don't come out,until it is just mama & me,again. Mama & I sleep&eat,together.We spend the day,sharing stories.I follow her,everywhere.Whenever mama gets up,so do I.I love to play in water.Because I enjoy a hearty splash,mama keeps fresh water filled in the sink.Yes,the sink,counter,table,every place is home for me.Mama says,"We share,everything in the home.This is our home."Mama takes pictures of me with her phone.She shows them to family&friends,so they know,there really is a Kathleen.Like You,I love hiding in boxes&paper bags.Aren't the sounds fun!!Do You hide under the bed&pop out at Your Mama&Daddy?If You haven't,try it,trust me the surprised sound of their voices is worth it.Then You will all laugh.Everyday, Your Mama&Daddy will discover You are even more clever than they imagined.Soon,just like my mama,they will know longer be surprised,just proud of Your clever & creative choices.
Mama & I anxiously await Your next blog. I email,skype,&sometimes facebook.What is a blog?
You & I are sharing a Very Happy New Year. Look at Your parents loving smiles,they know,they are Lucky You chose them.

Sherry Smith-Meyers

One of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen! His eyes are awesome! Thanks for giving him a loving home!

Lynne Jones

Cesar, what a beautiful cat Trolley is. I wish all of the animals at shelters could find a loving home like yours. May you have many years together giving each other many hours of love and affection, as well as, fun playing together.


Trolley is a beautiful cat!! It is so nice that Trolley found such a great home with you, Cesar, and Jelissa. I do hope you are all having a great life together. Love Trolley's Blog!