Adopt an FIV-Positive Kitty!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 1:00pm

If you’re looking to make a difference for Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, how about adopting or spreading the word about an FIV-positive cat? In fact, how about one of our favorite cats ever, Dasher?

Dasher is a super-friendly kitty who’s never met a human, cat or dog he didn't like. He loves to cuddle, but also enjoys a little playtime. In fact, there's really nothing not to like about Dasher; he's essentially the perfect cat.

And yet, Dasher is still waiting for his forever home! You see, this extra special guy was rescued from a hoarder in April 2011—and he came to us infected with FIV.

Here are the straight facts about FIV:

  • FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, a disease that weakens a cat’s immune system.
  • Cats with FIV can live full, long, happy lives with proper care.
  • Humans, dogs and other animals cannot contract FIV.
  • Other cats can contract FIV—and that’s why you should adopt an FIV-positive kitty only if you have no other cats or you have only FIV-positive cats.

Of course, Dasher needs to find a person with only FIV-positive kitties or no kitties at all. That adopter will be one of the luckiest pet parents in the world—we promise!

Plus, if you'd like to take Dasher home with a friend, we've got a special room of FIV-positive cats at our Adoption Center, including Gloria, another wonderful, friendly feline

If you're inspired but you've already got a non-FIV-positive kitty, other special-needs cats need your help, too! Check out a few at the ASPCA.

Please share Dasher. Let's find him a home! 

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Alaina Renee Miller

I have an FIV-positive kitty and she is a joy! She's just as energetic as any other kitten (she's 11 months, I rescued her from the streets of Brooklyn at 10 weeks old). There's no reason why, with the proper care and daily supplements, fiv-positive cats can't live long, generally healthy lives!!! I also have a 7 year old cat and as of right now, she is NOT FIV-positive. I'm hopeful my FIV-pos cat will not infect my other cat but even if she does, it is NOT a death sentence. Anyways, at this point, they love eachother and I do not want to separate them.

It is so sad to see these cute kittens be afflicted with tings like FIV. I wish I could adopt him, but I already have two non-FIV positive kitties. I hope him the best though. Do you think he got FIV from living with a hoarder or is it genetic?

Nicole Devereaux

I just need to say that I recently adopted a stray cat (after finding out that the previous owners had dumped him on the street almost a year ago and disconnected the number linked to his microchip! How cruel!) who turned out to have FIV. He is my BEST friend in the world and literally improves my life. He just had his 6 month check-up and everything is great. He is around 7 years old and pretty active and also the friendliest and most social cat I have ever met.

FIV cats are amazing just like other cats!


I have a stray at my home who is a beautiful loving cat who would love to be indoors. I have a cat, rescued, who already has herpes, so an fiv pos cat is not possible in my house. Casey needs a home.