Abandoned but Not Forgotten: The Story of Chuck

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 2:00pm
chuck the pit bull

From factory farming to kitten season, we focus a lot on the big issues facing animal welfare in this country. But behind each “big issue” is the individual face of every single animal touched by our work. One such animal is a 40-lb., 2-year-old pit bull named Chuck.

When Chuck first came to the ASPCA in 2013, he couldn’t walk. Abandoned and left for dead, he had lost the use of his hind legs from joint disease and hip fractures—both of which had gone untreated. He was taken to our premier Animal Hospital in New York City, where he received surgery to relieve his pain. Once healed, Chuck was enrolled in an intensive physical therapy regimen in conjunction with Animal Medical Center in Manhattan.

“Chuck is a happy dog whose personality was very friendly, energetic—let’s go, let’s go—all the time, despite his disability,” says Dr. J’mai Gayle, Director of Surgery at the ASPCA Animal Hospital. He was a perfect candidate for rehabilitation.

Over the next six months, Chuck underwent an astonishing transformation. Through physical therapy, which included hydrotherapy, treadmill work and other vigorous exercises, he slowly regained strength in his legs and learned how to walk again. The once-crippled dog was mobile once more.

“The intensive physical therapy work that everyone put in made all the difference for Chuck,” says Dr. Gayle. “He made a believer out of me.”

See Chuck’s recovery for yourself: 

But Chuck’s story is just one of thousands. Every single day, we meet animals just like him—animals who have been abandoned, forgotten, or otherwise forsaken. With your help, we can continue to provide hope and healing for these animals, and continue to do the kind of work that truly changes lives. Please make a donation to the ASPCA today.

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Together, we will help more animals like Chuck begin their road to recovery—one step at a time. 

If you're interested in adopting Chuck, please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.




He needs to go to a home where he can swim every day. My German Shepherd with dysplasia in the 1970's took me swimming every day. Lakes, fountains, ocean,anywhere there was water she wanted.

Nancy Kelley

Chuck is amazing!!! Thanks for all you've done to help him out!!! He is gorgeous !!!!

Sharon Brumley,...

We love you ASPCA ........such great work for all the little fur people who make our lives so whole.......thank you again and again!

Debbie J.

What a happy, resilient little beastie. Truly inspiring. Thanks to all who've helped him. You do amazing work.

Elaine Brown

Love Chuck!

Karen Beitler

God bless each one of you that are directly involved in every aspect of the rescue and rehabilitation of these poor innocent creatures. They are not the animals, it is the human being (if they deserve to be called that), in my opinion, they do not. How can anyone just leave this, or any dog, to die and walk away??? I own two pitts and have had others and also fostered. All you have to do is to LOOK INTO THEIR EYES...they know, they love, and that is all they want in return. Instead thousands upon thousands are tortured day in and day out. I dontate to the ASPCA, but wish to God I could do more, much more. It breaks my heart and thank God, poor little Chuck was found in time; how many are not?
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Maybe in time, somehow, we can put a stop to all of this insanity.

[email protected]

I love animals of all kinds, even down to spiders, haven't been much of a pit bull person I must say(have 2 dogs already also) BUT his eyes just call to you and that story is just wrong as soo many are. BUT Again those eyes of his, exactly how we adopted a pregnant beagle-8 puppies!!!


Great job team.


Thank you for not giving up on Chuck. I fostered a dog in a similar situation. He was hit by a car and never received medical care. I saw one vet and he said that he would never regain use of his back legs. Thank god for second opinions. The next vet said that he would definitely regain some walking abilitiy and today, after therapy and great care in his new home, he is standing and walking on his own! Dogs should never be given up on, they have the strongest will to get better and live. Chuck looks like an amazing dog. I especially love the wink he gives at the very last frame of the video!

Mary bissell

I am deeply grateful for the service the ASPCA does for animals and people. When I get to my forever home in NC I will be calling upon you to adopt my forever pups.
Thank you all