423 Days in Our Shelter—Help Us Find this Senior Kitty a Home!

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 10:15am

Noni has been under our care for 423 days—and that is just way too long. She's receiving lots of attention and socialization with us, but even the ASPCA Adoption Center is no substitute for a loving family.

Noni is one of the prettiest, softest tuxie ladies we've ever seen, and she loves interacting with people, whether she's chasing a toy or receiving a few snuggles. But Noni's life has been anything but easy. She once lived in a hoarding home, and she came to us emaciated; we soon discovered that Noni had an untreated hyperthyroid condition. Our dedicated veterinary staff got Noni back on track, and now she is healthy and flourishing.

But Noni's adopter will need to keep her healthy, and that means not only twice-daily medicine for hyperthyroidism but special food for her sensitive tummy.

We can't wait to see Noni's story of triumph and recovery close with a happy ending, and neither can she. If you've got room in your heart for a special lady like Noni, please consider meeting her today at the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC. Noni enjoys other cats and wouldn't mind a home with a resident feline friend. If you have any questions, please call the Adoption Desk at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900.

If you can't bring her home, please share her on Facebook and Twitter. Online fans: You've helped us find homes for animals before—let's do it again for Noni! 

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Katherine Richards

I don't know what direction y'all are taking, but I live in Lexington, KY if there needs to be a KY/VA hand off.


I played with her last weekend. She is a lovely girl~ I hope she find a sweet home soon just like my cats!


I will call tomorrow morning. Giving meds doesn't bother me. I just didn't want it to be something like 1-200$ a month as I couldn't afford that. So I will call tomorrow and make sure the meds aren't that expensive each month...


great! so happy to hear you are willing to take her.. wish we could but have too many cats. i doubt the meds will be anywhere near that much. please keep us updated!


Has she been adopted yet?


Not sure... But I am calling tomorrow to find out... My son saw her and is in love

jean buchanan

laura - did you call and adopt her yet? please reply. thanks!


i would take this beautiful angel right now, i live in germany and i think it might be too much stress to have her flown here. i got 5 cats, they are my babies, and one that looks just like noni...... all of mine are rescues.... if for some reason i could get her here, i would take her in a heart beat.

Heather Hollowell

I am always happy to help transport cats -- including Noni -- as part of a transportation chain. I live in Southeastern Virginia (Portsmouth/Norfolk area), and am happy to be kept on a list. I would adopt her myself, but have five of my own and two ferals for whom I care.


She is so sweet! I want to adopt her and will contact ASPCA tomorrow. I live in NY and have a 1 1/2 year old boy, Fernando, that looks very much like Noni. I think Fernando would like to have a big sis!