2012 Humane Awards Announced

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 11:30am

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2012 ASPCA Humane Awards. This group of outstanding people and animals includes a rescue dog with more than 5.5 million views on YouTube and a 10-year-old horse advocate who has appeared before Congress.

The 2012 ASPCA Humane Award winners include:

ASPCA Dog of the Year
Abandoned in a trash heap, Fiona, an 11-year-old Poodle mix, was sick, covered in dirt, matted, infested with fleas and blind in both eyes. A Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope for Paws, came to Fiona’s aid, and with the help of hundreds of donors all over the world, they raised the funds for Fiona’s surgery. Fiona’s miraculous story of survival has since garnered more than 5.5 million views online, a testament to what can be accomplished when homeless animals get a second chance.

ASPCA Cat of the Year
Scooter the cat was found on the street with no use of his back legs. He was rushed to Harts Run Veterinary Hospital in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania. Visitors to the hospital instantly fell in love with the fluffy black and white kitten, and donated funds to purchase him a custom-made wheeled mobility device. Scooter now visits a nursing home and rehabilitation hospital every week and serves as a constant inspiration to the elderly and to patients who lack mobility due to injuries and strokes.

ASPCA "Tommy P. Monahan" Kid of the Year
After hearing about the inhumane and cruel practice of horse slaughter, now 10-year-old Declan Gregg of Greenland, New Hampshire, decided to raise his voice and get involved. Declan started his own blog, Children 4 Horses, to spread the word about horse advocacy issues. His dedication to horse advocacy brought him to the nation’s capital twice in recent months, where he represented more than 1,000 children from the U.S. and abroad by presenting the letters to legislators in Congress.

Meet all the winners of the 2012 ASPCA Humane Awards! Do you know of a heroic pet or a person who dedicates his or her life to animals? Tell us about your hero in the comments!

And stay tuned to the blog for photos from the annual Humane Awards Luncheon, sponsored by the Hartville Group, Inc., on November 8 in New York City.

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Pauletta Lechman

Ithinkitisgreat this dog and cat won,and the young man that started things to stop horseslaughter iswonderful also.Keep up the good work

Pauletta Lechman

Ithinkitisgreat this dog and cat won,and the young man that started things to stop horseslaughter iswonderful also.Keep up the good work


Why no picture of Scooter?

Nancy Beims

What a heartfelt story about a very nice dog.I run a Rescue and we just got in an eleven year old Shih Tzu that is almost blind and had the worse case of Upper Respiratory infection we had ever seen in the lst 13 years. If she would have stayed in the Shelter that we got her out of the Vet says she would have died in the week. It has only been three days but we are seeing improvement in her now after three trips to the Vet. I hope Mayling has the wonderful ending that Fiona has. Fiona is a blessing for sure. How could anyone read her story and not cry though out the entire video? First so sad and then so happy.Good work to all the people who helped Fiona.


What a beauty Fiona turned out to be!! She must feel so proud.


Eldad you deserve this award as much as Fiona, you both are gods gifts, he couldn't of picked a better angel to save our animals, Thank you for all you do......

Manel Dias

I watched this video about a month ago and of course shed some tears while watching it. I cannot fathom how badly some people treat their animals simply abandoning them to fend for themselves. How fortunate is that the TWO ANGELS "Audrey and Eldad" appeared and saved this helpless, defenceless dog from that living hell. I am so happy that Fiona happen to be the 2012 ASPCA Humane Award winner. Fantastic job Audrey and Eldad!!! May you both be blessed in everyway is my prayer.


Wonderful choices. They are great representatives for animals everywhere. My vet once had a greeter cat who had been shot in the spine. He dragged his back end around and served as a greeter and inspiration to all for the rest of his life.

Pat Beckinger

I saw the story and lots of photo footage of Scooter on KDKA TV news tonight. I was really impressed by him and what he has accomplished. He was even able to have a stroke victim pet him ad talk to him. The fact that he is from Western Pa, as am I, makes it an even greater story.

Risa M. Mandell

My hero in this regard is David Cantor who devotes his life to animals. His organization, Responsible Policies for Animals is engaged in the struggle for each other-than-human animal to acheive the recognition of personhood by obtaining their legal rights. Every animal has dignity, uniqueness and is of inestimable value. I hope you will visit his website, Thank you, Risa Mandell, LCSW