100,000 Take Action Against Puppy Mills—Want to Join Them?

Monday, May 21, 2012 - 1:30pm

YES! We are super-happy to report that as of today, more than 100,000 people have signed our "No Pet Store Puppies" pledge! The pledge aims to reduce the demand for puppy mill puppies by asking consumers to not buy any items at a store that sells puppies. "Huh?" you ask?

You see, the logic is simple: Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Even if you know better than to buy a puppy from a pet store, by purchasing any item from a store that sells puppies, you are still supporting the puppy mill industry. So please, don’t buy anything! No kibble, no kitty litter, no toys—no nothing!

And while you’re at it, visit and take the pledge. It’s not that we don’t trust your new humane shopping plans, but adding your name to our pledge list will go a long way in proving to the industry that we mean business. As they say…it takes an army!

Don't forget to spread the word to friends and family on Facebook and Twitter! It's time we put an end to puppy mills. 

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Stop puppy mills now.

bambi waterman

It's about time!!

Carol Creel

I do not and will not buy ANYTHING from stores that sell animals!

Thomas J. Regan

...and what will happen with the puppies in these pet shops?

Robert Stahlheber

Glad to see this happening. Something must to done to curb the puppy mills out there. So many animals suffering so somebody can make money off of them. I know tere are a lot of animal lovers that applaud what you are doing. Bless you for your efforts.

Ms Rennie Miller

no more cruelty!

Michele Smith

Puppy do not need to be in puppy mills. They are our best friends!

Daniela Dietze

Once i get a pet I will find my pet in a shelter

Jim Fawcett

It's time to rid this country of ALL puppy mills, and to really put some muscle into the laws pertaining to animal cruelty, and dog fighting.

Amy Thomas

I won't buy anything from a store that sells animals.