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November 2013

We hope you're enjoying the 2013 ASPCA® Special Edition Calendar! Thank you for joining us online to view more shots of this month's featured pet. These adorable bonus photos should give all the more reason to Make Pet Adoption Your First Option®.


Jen, Little Brittle & Chikkie

Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital since 2008

Little Brittle was brought to the ASPCA® in September 2008 by Humane Law Enforcement, emaciated and matted. I met her in the ICU of the Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. She and I became fast friends, and she would whine and “dance” when she saw me, even trying to leap out of people’s arms when she saw me from across the room. It’s pretty much impossible not to fall in love with her—she is a calm and cuddly little friend.

I began fostering Chikkie when she was just 2-3 weeks old. She and her siblings were found in a shoebox and were too young to be on their own. We’ve had two close calls where we thought we were going to lose her, but she’s a survivor, and pulled through both times. She loves all people and animals and has convinced quite a few non-cat people that they can be fantastic pets! I love this little kitty, and although she’s only been in my life a short time so far, I honestly can’t imagine it without her!

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