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Fresh Step Launches Million Meow Mission to Help Shelters Find Loving Homes for Cats

Fresh Step® litter, a longtime supporter of the ASPCA, is upping its commitment to the ASPCA and shelters nationwide with the launch of its Million Meow Mission.

As part of the Million Meow Mission, Fresh Step has redesigned its Paw Points® rewards program to allow the public the choice to give their Paw Points to the ASPCA or another shelter of their choice, who can in turn redeem the points for free litter as well as cat toys and other necessities. Please visit freshstep.com/pawpoints to learn more about the Million Meow Mission and how you can choose to donate your points to a local shelter or the ASPCA. The ASPCA will use these coupons at our shelter, new kitten nursery and also as part of our Safety Net programs to help keep more cats in their homes and out of shelters.

3rd Annual Catdance Film Festival Will Focus on Shelter Cats!

Fresh Step will also celebrate one million meow moments with the return of the 3rd Annual Catdance Film Festival*. In honor of Fresh Step’s Million Meow Mission, this year’s festival shines the spotlight on shelter cats!

A commemorative Catdance apparel item will be available in our online store later this year, with 100% of proceeds benefiting the ASPCA. For more information about Catdance, visit freshstep.com/catdance.

*Fresh Step litter is hosting the screening and using the Catdance Film Festival name with permission, but is not an official sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival.